Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) provides physicians with the best estimate of true blood pressure and blood pressure variability. Ambulatory measurement of blood pressure measurements predict clinical outcomes better than do conventional, clinic- based measurement. It also provides valuable diagnostic information that in-clinic and home blood pressure monitoring systems are incapable of measuring including:

  • BP variability and a more accurate estimation of true blood pressure
  • Overnight changes in blood pressure
  • White coat hypertension
  • Morning surges in blood pressure

It diagnoses and assists in the management of:

“White coat” hypertension, when elevated blood pressure measurements are recorded in the physican’s office environment while blood pressure readings outside the physician’s office are within a normal range.

Resistant hypertension, when multiple anti-hypertensive medications fail to adequately control high blood pressure.

Masked hypertension, when in-office measurements fall within an acceptable range, but the mean blood pressure is actually above the acceptable range.

Hypotensive symptoms with hypertensive medications.