Nuclear Stress Testing

nuclear-imageLakeland Cardiology in Mountain Lakes, a licensed outpatient department of Saint Clare’s Health System, offers state-of-the-art cardiac nuclear imaging with the new Discovery NM 530c by GE Healthcare. The only one in operation in Morris County, and one of two in New Jersey, this nuclear camera is faster and has better resolution for nuclear imaging, with lower radiation exposure. Hans Derkinderren, Manager, Nuclear Medicine at Lakeland Cardiology, said that moving to this new technology is comparable to upgrading from the old tube televisions to the new high definition flat panel televisions of today.
Introduced at Lakeland Cardiology on July 1st, the Discovery NM530c allows for faster, higher-quality scans with reduced radiation exposure. Patients benefit from reduced radiation exposure, primarily through the flexibility to manage the radiation dose. The dose may be decreased as much as four times or the equivalent of 75% lower radiation exposure. “Patients benefit from significant radiation dose reduction primarily through the enhanced sensitivity of the solid state circuitry, which allows us to obtain better images with less radiation in shorter amount of time,” noted Dr. Michael Blick, Medical Director of Saint Clare’s Cardiology Department.

alcyone_800Conventional imaging required patients to hold their arms above their heads for two cardiac scans, each taking approximately 15 -20 minutes white the camera rotated around the chest. The new camera at Lakeland Cardiology reduces the time to 3 – 5 minutes per scan with no camera motion whatsoever. For anyone who has had a nuclear scan, this is a welcome advancement that increases patient comfort while reducing stress and time on the table. Because the scans are much shorter, patients are able to remain still with less discomfort, which also improves image quality. Patients who may be claustrophobic will be relieved to knpow that your head and neck are out of the machine while the scans are taken and the smaller camera size is less intimidating.

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